The Best Ways to Fire 8 Ball Pool Sensibly

8 Ball Pool

The only noise option to battering the sphere also tough or its contrary, babying it and also leaving on your own except your following targeted cue ball setting, is to devote to taking a standard, “not unique” tool stroke to obtain the task done. Did you recognize that a tool stroke taken near the facility of the cue ball benefits a lot of strokes required in many pool video games consisting of 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Straight Pool, One Pocket, Turning, and so on?

On the following web page of this write-up, may I have your authorization to blow your mind? I’m mosting likely to clarify the appropriately rhymed “3 rates you require” for winning. Because you currently have a standard understanding of tool rate and also the best ways to fire pool, I wager you can presume the various other 2 rates– however at which 2 various other rates should you never ever struck the cue ball?

Obtain Solid and Quick

Action 2 – How you can Fire Better In Billiards Competitors: Pick from amongst 3 rates just, a soft stroke, a tool or a difficult stroke prior to you flex to the shot.

As a result of the physical activity of the spheres as well as the typical nature of a number of the shots’ (the cut angles being close to the exact same over as well as once more (however, yes, round placements vary rather from stroke to stroke) the 3 rates of 1) soft, 2) tool as well as 3) hard, job fairly well for many shots.

For instance, lot of times when you have to stop the cue ball complying with influence, a tool stroke will certainly be sufficient. When the cue is close to an additional sphere, a mild or soft stroke taken near the center of the cue ball functions equally as great …

And also on lots of far away, tilted shots on a things round, tool or ordinary rate for you will certainly be the secret. Please examine the previous web page of this short article on why when to fire tool rate if you do not currently recognize this pool concept prior to continuing reading.

I believe you will certainly understand you could not succeed utilizing 3 rates just for various other stick-and-ball sporting activities such as golf, baseball, tennis as well as even more. Yet those wonderful little wall surfaces on the back of the billiard pockets aid sink spheres struck more challenging compared to had to own them to the hole.

And also, the 4 pillows bordering the pool table’s fabric likewise assist turn down tough struck cue balls back towards the table’s center. Picture a reduced wall surface behind a golf opening, affixed to the placing mug, as well as 4 wall surfaces bordering the eco-friendly and also preserving rounds struck also difficult on the placing environment-friendly, and also you’ll obtain my definition for pool.

2 Rates You Ought to Not Use In Billiards Competitors Do not play “incredibly soft”, “incredibly difficult” (or other stroke you “would not usually do” or easily do) on any one of the initial rounds of the video game. If you can not manage cue ball rate easily, do not try it. Adhere to tool (for you), soft (your variation of soft) and also a tough stroke just (a tough stroke required just seldom throughout any type of billiards video game).

If I could obtain you to overlook incredibly soft and also extremely tough strokes, as well as slim your emphasis to picking from amongst 3 rates at the table just, you would certainly remain in wonderful form (cue ball form setting word play here meant) for pool.

Why did I state to stay clear of irregular strokes on the “initial rounds of the video game?” The solution might amaze you. Can you presume just what I’m mosting likely to share prior to you click/turn to the following web page of this post? Think of it momentarily prior to carrying on for using this 8 ball pool hack generator to much better billiards competitors compared to you have actually imagined previously.

Horde Defense – Thought with a lot of strategy


Our clan is in danger, will we be able to hold together and defeat the forces of darkness? Let the lord of evil prepare himself, with our help, only an absolute defeat awaits him. Horde Defense is waiting for us.

We will enter the world of Horde Defense, a tower defense developed by NGMOB Games. This study, unknown until now, has done a lot of research on the gender they were facing. What do I mean by this? Well, they have taken everything that is triumphing in this type of games and have put it together in a single title. For my taste have wanted to take so much juice to some things that have lost a little the magic essence and so necessary of some extras.

Horde Defense Review

Let’s cut a little Horde Defense

As you can see in the capture, we must use our gold to build and improve our towers and thus try to survive the different waves of enemies. We will have three types of towers:

Tower of Archers: A powerful tower in which we will have several archers located in its upper part, depending on the level of the tower we will throw more arrows and we will damage more.

Tower of Warriors: More than a tower is a soldier’s post. Of the building will leave 3 soldiers. It is a good tower as it paralyzes the enemy advance, each soldier will catch an enemy and hit him. It is very funny to climb this tower as the soldiers change their armor.

Tower of the Magician: Tower of long and multiple reaches. Without a doubt the one that generates more damage since it attacks to all the enemies that are in its range of attack at the same time.

So far Horde Defense has not shown us anything out of the ordinary, but that will change. There is one thing that I have been enchanting lately in the tower defense and is that we can handle certain extra characters during the game. Especially because these characters are always stronger than the rest and their skills are usually more spectacular.

In Horde Defense, we will also have these characters. However, they wanted to get the money quickly with it and I did not like it. In order to use them, we will have to use mana and with each low use an animal. If we need more mana we can buy it, logically, for this, we will only have to spend gems. At first, we will be left, but as we advance four levels we will not even have pipes. What happens when I do not have gems? How do I get more? Very easy friends, with real money.

The trick is to replay phases that we have already gone through and acquire lots of gems. With the gems, we will also buy improvements for our buildings, etc.

Horde Defense Reviews

Horde Defense Category Review


It has to be recognized that it is super intuitive, easy to play and with lots of variety, nothing more than 27 monsters, 8 bosses, 12 battlefields, 30 achievements and more than 90 levels. This, in the end, adds up to your assessment. Although if I get a little hard I think the difficulty is a bit excessive so you have to abuse the aid and thus spend mana, spend gems and have to spend real money. Negative point. I leave it there.


Horde Defense bets on a cartoon style both in the development of characters and in the elaboration of scenarios. They become very funny and colorful. There is a great job in the sprites of the animations, the fights have variety of movements and each character counts on its own style. The interface is very well integrated with the game. I liked this style.


It has a soundtrack very well done, although I would have opted for something a little more joyful since in game we will be with a constant tension. The sound effects are very varied, from sounds peculiar to each death of the characters to sounds for each weapon. They have taken care of these small details that make me overcome my difficult decision to get a 6 in sounds.

Final verdict:

The last update of Horde Defense has made that my evaluation increases of the score, they have lowered the costs by improvement of the tower and that in the game helps very much. The sooner we can climb our towers before we will eliminate our enemies. After this, I can only recommend that you download this great game, and if you have kids at home, these graphics will help you like the game and can start playing a tower defense for the first time.

Crossy Road – The reckless hen and her colleagues play it

Crossy Road

The good reviews received and the number of downloads since its launch in November 2014 have already raised Crossy Road to be one of the best games of 2014 and one of the most addictive of the moment. The Australian study Hipster Whale has managed to develop a simple game, but that manages to engage from the first match. Despite being generated by this study, the publisher of games based in Beijing, Yodo1 Games is who launched it for Android.

Crossy Road aims to be one of the games of the year

The game is clearly inspired by Frogger, a mythical early eighties game where we had to drive a frog across a busy road, bypassing vehicles and crossing a river jumping from log to log. This is the same objective of this endless arcade hopper: to help our character to cross overcrowded roads, railways and rivers and thus go advanced in his reckless adventure.

This time our character will be a chicken hen, but we will soon unlock new characters. Many of them are other animals: a pig, a duck, a dog, a goat, … It is incredible the hidden characters that we can unlock, we will find a magician, a superstar, a zombie, etc. There are a lot of different characters that we can get as we play or we can buy from the application itself.

The details make Crossy Road a great game

Within the simplicity of this game, we find innumerable details, winks, gags that will fall in love, that will make us see how worked the game is. The fun characters we can arrange, some even hidden that we can not unlock, just buy.

There are very successful sound effects that vary according to the character. Even in the graphics we can find news on each occasion. For example, when playing with the superstar paparazzi appear in the corners making us photos as we go.

Crossy Road Trailer:

Crossy Road’s Time for Truth


Crossy Road is easy to play. With a simple tap, we will advance line by line to our character. We can also move it from side to side to overcome obstacles or even back. But we must not rest on our laurels as the screen advances slowly and, if it catches us, an eagle will appear flying and will take us as prey.

We must move forward avoiding being hit by the different vehicles that circulate along the road but without rushing to jump and finish stamped against one of them. We must cross the river by jumping from one trunk to another. All this is limited by the screen. We will see that the screen darkens on both sides delimiting the playing area. If we pass those limits we will die.

In addition to advancing, we can risk taking the coins that are thrown on the stage. With these, we will get new characters for free.

It’s true that every game is the same, as with all games of this type. But Crossy Road has something that engages, that does not stop you from playing, something that itches and makes you play one game after another without tiring.


Hipster Whale has opted for some simple but careful voxel style graphics. A mix between pixel and 3D of the Minecraft style. The game is very nice to look at. The choice of colors is very correct and the characters, despite their simplicity and cubic form are easy to recognize and very fun! The hidden characters that you will discover will not cease to amaze you.


Although the game lacks music, the sound effects are great. Each character has its own characteristic effects. The sounds of the cars with their engines, their horns, the music that they carry very high some of them, the traffic light that indicates the imminent passage of the train, the police sirens, … all of them fantastic.

Final verdict:

Crossy Road is one of those seemingly simple bill games but that surprises you with some of its details. It is a game that is pleasant to look at, easy to play and hooks right from the start. Piques against oneself, with your partner, friends, … Sincerely, it is not surprising that this is one of the best-rated games of the moment. If you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for ?

Simcity buildit – The city in the palm of your hand

Simcity buildit

Back in 1989 there was a game on the market that would be one of the longest-running sagas in the history of video games, with the permission of an Italian plumber and mustachioed, I am talking about Simcity. The Sims City Simulator now lands on our mobile devices from EA, Simcity Buildit has arrived.

I have to admit that this last scared me, those in the series already know that Electronic Arts did not do very well with the latest version of Simcity on PC and also have rather tarnished in other mobile games like Dungeon Keeper and Real Racing 3, implementing abusive monetization systems that shattered the user experience. I have to admit that this time they have done quite well although sometimes it becomes tiring to wait to get money.

Simcity buildit Review 2

In Simcity Buildit our goal is to run a city and make it grow as much as possible, so we must build residential areas to attract citizens, factories in which to obtain construction resources and basic services to keep our citizens happy.

Happiness is paramount in our city, the happier our citizens are, the more money our taxes will give us. And if the citizens are not happy they will leave, as I write these lines I have a building abandoned in my city because of the high danger of fire since I still do not have enough money to build a nearby firehouse.

Simcity Buildit, a great mix

Simcity buildit Review

An incredibly addictive game, since you are the born leader that needs the city, you will not be able to stop playing. The power of decision is always in your hands. Will you live up to what is expected of you?

Simcity Buildit Official Trailer

SimCity Buildit review by category


Simcity Buildit is a rare game, a kind of hybrid between the original PC Simcity and the Zynga Farmville, the game prioritizes you to spend resources and forgets some of the charms of the city management that had the versions of the desktop. Something that I liked a lot is that as you level up you not only increase the number of things you can build but also the requirement of the inhabitants of your city always maintaining an acceptable level of challenge.


In this case, the game complies, but the truth is that I find that it lacks charisma. The graphics are short on the norm, although I have to admit that when it’s dark, and the lights are on, it’s not bad at all. From time to time we get some characters indicating some actions to perform that clearly intend to follow the aesthetic of the other great franchise EA simulators, the Sims, I would have preferred something more original.


I have to say that I have enjoyed the noise of this game, that constant city setting, the sound of works, sirens, and factories. It is the sound that manages to infuse life into our small personal metropolis. Great job by the sound team.

Final verdict:

Buildit is not the Simcity game that I wanted to enjoy on mobile, but it is better than I expected when I downloaded it, I have already said that I did not have high hopes with EA at the top. Although it is a simple game and for my taste too casual I have to say that it has something, and I just came back each time to pick up those beams to make I was making and to be able to turn that little house into a skyscraper worthy of New York.

Kingdom Rush – Time for strategy arrives

Kingdom rush

The kingdom is on the brink of war. The forces of evil invade the kingdom while looting, stealing and murdering your people. Now they have set out for the capital, and no one seems to be able to stop them. Will you be, a young captain, able to expel the enemy from our lands and save the kingdom?

Your kingdom needs you, young gentleman !!

In Kingdom Rush, we take the role of a young captain who must stop the advance of the enemy through his kingdom. The game is based on the tower defense style where our objective is to eliminate the waves of enemy troops that are besieging the map placing structures in strategic positions. These structures may be quick-fire archers towers and low damage, towers of high power mages but slow firing or cannons of great damage in an area but very slow to put some examples.

Kingdom Rush

As we advance we will realize that it requires increasingly better planning to overcome the maps since the enemies are of different classes where some are more resistant to magic, others to the arrows, etc … with which we will not be worth filling the map Of a lot of structures of the same type to win.

Soldiers, trolls, demons and not very heroic heroes

In battles, we will also have the help of a hero who will direct our troops in combat. We can choose between 4 types at first knights, barbarians or archers, and each one will have some unique ability to help us in tricky situations. To give an example, if we choose the hunter, he will be able to simultaneously attack several targets with his arrows, in addition to being able to invoke a wolf (or dog, or fox, to know that will be since the graphics do not help to differentiate it xD).

These heroes also have something that does not convince, since although it is true that they have special abilities, the truth is that heroes have little since almost any enemy can end them in combat 1 vs 1, which would be normal With elite enemies, but should not be with normal troops like trolls or dogs.


Once we pass a level, we will gain skill points and magic gems. The skill points will serve to improve our troops, which can make soldiers stronger, reduce production costs or increase the damage we do with some structures. Instead with the gems, we will be able to buy objects to use during the battle (in the very necessary final levels) as an ice stick to freezing all our enemies, potions to recover health, etc …

Careless art section in Kingdom Rush

In a matter of graphics, Kingdom rush Not in a good level. The graphics are cartoon style, but nothing well defined and some troops are quite similar between them, which in the most massive battles annoys a bit to differentiate them and know which structure to build.

In the subject of audio, it fulfills without more, music to ambient the battles and sounds of battle that animate something to the thing like cries of war and roars of beasts. Normal in every way. Saying in your favor that you could not ask for more sound, since sometimes in battles there are many enemies and allied soldiers at a time, which could result in a noise chaos if they all had sounded like cries of war or death.

In the playable plane, he wins many points. The difficulty curve is well adjusted, and during battles, we will have to manage our gold very well to be able to evolve our structures when necessary, either to give more power of attack or greater defense to our soldiers to contain more time to the enemy.

Kingdom Rush Trailer


Your high point. The strategy of real, dark battles that require a right approach and calculate well where and what we put to slow down the enemy. Perhaps here we could put the negative point that the heroes are not too decisive in the battles.


Simple. Very simple. Even if they do (justly) with their job, they could be more worked. Improvements in all aspects.


Melodies and battle sound to set. Sword clashes and spell sounds combine well with trumpets and battle shouts to warn of new waves of enemies

Final verdict:

Despite its technical shortcomings, Kingdom Rush is a great strategy game. Planning both before and during battles will be crucial to survival, knowing our troops to know against whom they are most effective will be as important as knowing enemies to know how to stop them. If you like tower defense style strategy, you should try Kingdom Rush. We will continue to review more works from Ironhide Game Studio, creators of this title.

Townsmen – Enter a new world


With Townsmen you can build the medieval city of your dreams, traveling to another era. You will be in charge of reigning that city and you will have a multitude of basic buildings like houses and wells, advanced buildings like mills or public buildings and decorations, with which to increase the happiness of your villagers.

It is important that you build many houses, so that you have many villagers ready to get the best resources (wood, flour, stone …). Take charge of the citizens and solve each and every problem to be the best governor of the Middle Ages! This game can be downloaded totally free and is created by HandyGames.

Townsmen - Enter a new world

In Townsmen the future of the city is in your hands

Just start the game you will have the option to play the tutorial that this offers you, it is something that we recommend as it explains the basic aspects and then have no difficulty. When you are ready and aware of the main objectives of Townsmen you can choose the scenario in which you want to start the game.

There are many options and tasks to solve depending on the scenario you choose, you can solve the drought problems of your kingdom or calm the social tensions that occur within it. Select the one that most strikes you and finish all the tasks assigned by your town. Remember that each scenario has its own level of difficulty.

Let’s go with a sample of Townsmen:

Townsmen Category Analysis


It is a somewhat complex game as long as you do not use the tutorial. It will take you a while to explore all the icons of the game, although once you understand its operation the tasks to perform will not pose any problem.


The graphics are pretty good and dynamic. Both the buildings and the villagers are designed in detail. The graphics will change according to the chosen scenario, being everything surrounded by snow or otherwise filled with spring flowers.


You will always be accompanied by background music while protecting and improving your little kingdom. Without a doubt it is a music quite adequate to move you to the medieval period in which the city is immersed.

Final verdict:

Townsmen is ideal for those who enjoy strategic and role-playing games. The most advantageous of this is that you have a lot of scenarios and possibilities to choose, enjoying many hours of play without you get tired. Perhaps it could be improved if war missions were added in which to have to face other kingdoms, to give him more emotion.