Arena of Valor, that’s the League of Legends for Android!

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The most played game in the world is League of Legends, a MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) free for PC. Even though these types of games are dominating the current scene, not even, so we found a referent in Android that convinced us. Until now.

Arena of Valor arrives very well on Android and iOS, in fact, it has become the most played mobile MOBA in Asia, and since last August 10 can already be enjoyed in Europe.

What Arena of Valor is about and where to download it

As confirmed by its abundant download figures, Arena of Valor is the popular MOBA for Android. To say that its popularity is more than justified, and is that its creators, Tencent, are the owners of Riot Games, company responsible for himself League of Legends.

Precisely because of that, we find a certain similarity between both games, although Arena of Valor distinguishes itself and adapts to the mobile platform in a brilliant way. Then we’ll talk a little more about him, his gameplay, his goals and finally an exclusive code to enjoy skins and other objects of the game.

First, it must be distinguished that Arena of Valor is developed in two main “arenas of combat.” The most popular are designed for 5 to 5 battles, where we find three lines or levels: top, bottom, and center. It is in this last one, where the 1-on-1 matches are played.

The combats are made by champions, beings with 3 different abilities each. In Arena of Valor, you control one of these champions, with the triple objective of defending the tower of your line, winning gold with the “minions” and defeating your opponent, who in turn also tries to defend his tower.

Speaking, of course, the goal of the game is to destroy the enemy nexus. To do this, you will have to destroy all the towers of one or more lines, until you reach it. No matter the number of deaths or the level of your champion: the team that first destroys the nexus wins.

As the game progresses, you can spend the money, or “minions,” that you gained by eliminating enemies in objects. These objects will serve to increase your damage, your health or other abilities. There are all types, so you have to go carefully with what you buy, selecting with the head the most unusual items for your champion.

You can try Arena of Valor right now by downloading it for free from the Play Store. Besides, with the code “BUTZFIZMT4C8” you will have access to exclusive material to make your experience a little richer. If you are looking forward to more, you can check all the information available on your official Facebook page.

What do you think MOBA for Android? Will you give Arena of Valor a try?

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