Crossy Road – The reckless hen and her colleagues play it

Crossy Road

The good reviews received and the number of downloads since its launch in November 2014 have already raised Crossy Road to be one of the best games of 2014 and one of the most addictive of the moment. The Australian study Hipster Whale has managed to develop a simple game, but that manages to engage from the first match. Despite being generated by this study, the publisher of games based in Beijing, Yodo1 Games is who launched it for Android.

Crossy Road aims to be one of the games of the year

The game is clearly inspired by Frogger, a mythical early eighties game where we had to drive a frog across a busy road, bypassing vehicles and crossing a river jumping from log to log. This is the same objective of this endless arcade hopper: to help our character to cross overcrowded roads, railways and rivers and thus go advanced in his reckless adventure.

This time our character will be a chicken hen, but we will soon unlock new characters. Many of them are other animals: a pig, a duck, a dog, a goat, … It is incredible the hidden characters that we can unlock, we will find a magician, a superstar, a zombie, etc. There are a lot of different characters that we can get as we play or we can buy from the application itself.

The details make Crossy Road a great game

Within the simplicity of this game, we find innumerable details, winks, gags that will fall in love, that will make us see how worked the game is. The fun characters we can arrange, some even hidden that we can not unlock, just buy.

There are very successful sound effects that vary according to the character. Even in the graphics we can find news on each occasion. For example, when playing with the superstar paparazzi appear in the corners making us photos as we go.

Crossy Road Trailer:

Crossy Road’s Time for Truth


Crossy Road is easy to play. With a simple tap, we will advance line by line to our character. We can also move it from side to side to overcome obstacles or even back. But we must not rest on our laurels as the screen advances slowly and, if it catches us, an eagle will appear flying and will take us as prey.

We must move forward avoiding being hit by the different vehicles that circulate along the road but without rushing to jump and finish stamped against one of them. We must cross the river by jumping from one trunk to another. All this is limited by the screen. We will see that the screen darkens on both sides delimiting the playing area. If we pass those limits we will die.

In addition to advancing, we can risk taking the coins that are thrown on the stage. With these, we will get new characters for free.

It’s true that every game is the same, as with all games of this type. But Crossy Road has something that engages, that does not stop you from playing, something that itches and makes you play one game after another without tiring.


Hipster Whale has opted for some simple but careful voxel style graphics. A mix between pixel and 3D of the Minecraft style. The game is very nice to look at. The choice of colors is very correct and the characters, despite their simplicity and cubic form are easy to recognize and very fun! The hidden characters that you will discover will not cease to amaze you.


Although the game lacks music, the sound effects are great. Each character has its own characteristic effects. The sounds of the cars with their engines, their horns, the music that they carry very high some of them, the traffic light that indicates the imminent passage of the train, the police sirens, … all of them fantastic.

Final verdict:

Crossy Road is one of those seemingly simple bill games but that surprises you with some of its details. It is a game that is pleasant to look at, easy to play and hooks right from the start. Piques against oneself, with your partner, friends, … Sincerely, it is not surprising that this is one of the best-rated games of the moment. If you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for ?

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