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Our clan is in danger, will we be able to hold together and defeat the forces of darkness? Let the lord of evil prepare himself, with our help, only an absolute defeat awaits him. Horde Defense is waiting for us.

We will enter the world of Horde Defense, a tower defense developed by NGMOB Games. This study, unknown until now, has done a lot of research on the gender they were facing. What do I mean by this? Well, they have taken everything that is triumphing in this type of games and have put it together in a single title. For my taste have wanted to take so much juice to some things that have lost a little the magic essence and so necessary of some extras.

Horde Defense Review

Let’s cut a little Horde Defense

As you can see in the capture, we must use our gold to build and improve our towers and thus try to survive the different waves of enemies. We will have three types of towers:

Tower of Archers: A powerful tower in which we will have several archers located in its upper part, depending on the level of the tower we will throw more arrows and we will damage more.

Tower of Warriors: More than a tower is a soldier’s post. Of the building will leave 3 soldiers. It is a good tower as it paralyzes the enemy advance, each soldier will catch an enemy and hit him. It is very funny to climb this tower as the soldiers change their armor.

Tower of the Magician: Tower of long and multiple reaches. Without a doubt the one that generates more damage since it attacks to all the enemies that are in its range of attack at the same time.

So far Horde Defense has not shown us anything out of the ordinary, but that will change. There is one thing that I have been enchanting lately in the tower defense and is that we can handle certain extra characters during the game. Especially because these characters are always stronger than the rest and their skills are usually more spectacular.

In Horde Defense, we will also have these characters. However, they wanted to get the money quickly with it and I did not like it. In order to use them, we will have to use mana and with each low use an animal. If we need more mana we can buy it, logically, for this, we will only have to spend gems. At first, we will be left, but as we advance four levels we will not even have pipes. What happens when I do not have gems? How do I get more? Very easy friends, with real money.

The trick is to replay phases that we have already gone through and acquire lots of gems. With the gems, we will also buy improvements for our buildings, etc.

Horde Defense Reviews

Horde Defense Category Review


It has to be recognized that it is super intuitive, easy to play and with lots of variety, nothing more than 27 monsters, 8 bosses, 12 battlefields, 30 achievements and more than 90 levels. This, in the end, adds up to your assessment. Although if I get a little hard I think the difficulty is a bit excessive so you have to abuse the aid and thus spend mana, spend gems and have to spend real money. Negative point. I leave it there.


Horde Defense bets on a cartoon style both in the development of characters and in the elaboration of scenarios. They become very funny and colorful. There is a great job in the sprites of the animations, the fights have variety of movements and each character counts on its own style. The interface is very well integrated with the game. I liked this style.


It has a soundtrack very well done, although I would have opted for something a little more joyful since in game we will be with a constant tension. The sound effects are very varied, from sounds peculiar to each death of the characters to sounds for each weapon. They have taken care of these small details that make me overcome my difficult decision to get a 6 in sounds.

Final verdict:

The last update of Horde Defense has made that my evaluation increases of the score, they have lowered the costs by improvement of the tower and that in the game helps very much. The sooner we can climb our towers before we will eliminate our enemies. After this, I can only recommend that you download this great game, and if you have kids at home, these graphics will help you like the game and can start playing a tower defense for the first time.

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