Kingdom Rush – Time for strategy arrives

Kingdom rush

The kingdom is on the brink of war. The forces of evil invade the kingdom while looting, stealing and murdering your people. Now they have set out for the capital, and no one seems to be able to stop them. Will you be, a young captain, able to expel the enemy from our lands and save the kingdom?

Your kingdom needs you, young gentleman !!

In Kingdom Rush, we take the role of a young captain who must stop the advance of the enemy through his kingdom. The game is based on the tower defense style where our objective is to eliminate the waves of enemy troops that are besieging the map placing structures in strategic positions. These structures may be quick-fire archers towers and low damage, towers of high power mages but slow firing or cannons of great damage in an area but very slow to put some examples.

Kingdom Rush

As we advance we will realize that it requires increasingly better planning to overcome the maps since the enemies are of different classes where some are more resistant to magic, others to the arrows, etc … with which we will not be worth filling the map Of a lot of structures of the same type to win.

Soldiers, trolls, demons and not very heroic heroes

In battles, we will also have the help of a hero who will direct our troops in combat. We can choose between 4 types at first knights, barbarians or archers, and each one will have some unique ability to help us in tricky situations. To give an example, if we choose the hunter, he will be able to simultaneously attack several targets with his arrows, in addition to being able to invoke a wolf (or dog, or fox, to know that will be since the graphics do not help to differentiate it xD).

These heroes also have something that does not convince, since although it is true that they have special abilities, the truth is that heroes have little since almost any enemy can end them in combat 1 vs 1, which would be normal With elite enemies, but should not be with normal troops like trolls or dogs.


Once we pass a level, we will gain skill points and magic gems. The skill points will serve to improve our troops, which can make soldiers stronger, reduce production costs or increase the damage we do with some structures. Instead with the gems, we will be able to buy objects to use during the battle (in the very necessary final levels) as an ice stick to freezing all our enemies, potions to recover health, etc …

Careless art section in Kingdom Rush

In a matter of graphics, Kingdom rush Not in a good level. The graphics are cartoon style, but nothing well defined and some troops are quite similar between them, which in the most massive battles annoys a bit to differentiate them and know which structure to build.

In the subject of audio, it fulfills without more, music to ambient the battles and sounds of battle that animate something to the thing like cries of war and roars of beasts. Normal in every way. Saying in your favor that you could not ask for more sound, since sometimes in battles there are many enemies and allied soldiers at a time, which could result in a noise chaos if they all had sounded like cries of war or death.

In the playable plane, he wins many points. The difficulty curve is well adjusted, and during battles, we will have to manage our gold very well to be able to evolve our structures when necessary, either to give more power of attack or greater defense to our soldiers to contain more time to the enemy.

Kingdom Rush Trailer


Your high point. The strategy of real, dark battles that require a right approach and calculate well where and what we put to slow down the enemy. Perhaps here we could put the negative point that the heroes are not too decisive in the battles.


Simple. Very simple. Even if they do (justly) with their job, they could be more worked. Improvements in all aspects.


Melodies and battle sound to set. Sword clashes and spell sounds combine well with trumpets and battle shouts to warn of new waves of enemies

Final verdict:

Despite its technical shortcomings, Kingdom Rush is a great strategy game. Planning both before and during battles will be crucial to survival, knowing our troops to know against whom they are most effective will be as important as knowing enemies to know how to stop them. If you like tower defense style strategy, you should try Kingdom Rush. We will continue to review more works from Ironhide Game Studio, creators of this title.

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