Townsmen – Enter a new world


With Townsmen you can build the medieval city of your dreams, traveling to another era. You will be in charge of reigning that city and you will have a multitude of basic buildings like houses and wells, advanced buildings like mills or public buildings and decorations, with which to increase the happiness of your villagers.

It is important that you build many houses, so that you have many villagers ready to get the best resources (wood, flour, stone …). Take charge of the citizens and solve each and every problem to be the best governor of the Middle Ages! This game can be downloaded totally free and is created by HandyGames.

Townsmen - Enter a new world

In Townsmen the future of the city is in your hands

Just start the game you will have the option to play the tutorial that this offers you, it is something that we recommend as it explains the basic aspects and then have no difficulty. When you are ready and aware of the main objectives of Townsmen you can choose the scenario in which you want to start the game.

There are many options and tasks to solve depending on the scenario you choose, you can solve the drought problems of your kingdom or calm the social tensions that occur within it. Select the one that most strikes you and finish all the tasks assigned by your town. Remember that each scenario has its own level of difficulty.

Let’s go with a sample of Townsmen:

Townsmen Category Analysis


It is a somewhat complex game as long as you do not use the tutorial. It will take you a while to explore all the icons of the game, although once you understand its operation the tasks to perform will not pose any problem.


The graphics are pretty good and dynamic. Both the buildings and the villagers are designed in detail. The graphics will change according to the chosen scenario, being everything surrounded by snow or otherwise filled with spring flowers.


You will always be accompanied by background music while protecting and improving your little kingdom. Without a doubt it is a music quite adequate to move you to the medieval period in which the city is immersed.

Final verdict:

Townsmen is ideal for those who enjoy strategic and role-playing games. The most advantageous of this is that you have a lot of scenarios and possibilities to choose, enjoying many hours of play without you get tired. Perhaps it could be improved if war missions were added in which to have to face other kingdoms, to give him more emotion.