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Simcity buildit

Back in 1989 there was a game on the market that would be one of the longest-running sagas in the history of video games, with the permission of an Italian plumber and mustachioed, I am talking about Simcity. The Sims City Simulator now lands on our mobile devices from EA, Simcity Buildit has arrived.

I have to admit that this last scared me, those in the series already know that Electronic Arts did not do very well with the latest version of Simcity on PC and also have rather tarnished in other mobile games like Dungeon Keeper and Real Racing 3, implementing abusive monetization systems that shattered the user experience. I have to admit that this time they have done quite well although sometimes it becomes tiring to wait to get money.

Simcity buildit Review 2

In Simcity Buildit our goal is to run a city and make it grow as much as possible, so we must build residential areas to attract citizens, factories in which to obtain construction resources and basic services to keep our citizens happy.

Happiness is paramount in our city, the happier our citizens are, the more money our taxes will give us. And if the citizens are not happy they will leave, as I write these lines I have a building abandoned in my city because of the high danger of fire since I still do not have enough money to build a nearby firehouse.

Simcity Buildit, a great mix

Simcity buildit Review

An incredibly addictive game, since you are the born leader that needs the city, you will not be able to stop playing. The power of decision is always in your hands. Will you live up to what is expected of you?

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Simcity Buildit is a rare game, a kind of hybrid between the original PC Simcity and the Zynga Farmville, the game prioritizes you to spend resources and forgets some of the charms of the city management that had the versions of the desktop. Something that I liked a lot is that as you level up you not only increase the number of things you can build but also the requirement of the inhabitants of your city always maintaining an acceptable level of challenge.


In this case, the game complies, but the truth is that I find that it lacks charisma. The graphics are short on the norm, although I have to admit that when it’s dark, and the lights are on, it’s not bad at all. From time to time we get some characters indicating some actions to perform that clearly intend to follow the aesthetic of the other great franchise EA simulators, the Sims, I would have preferred something more original.


I have to say that I have enjoyed the noise of this game, that constant city setting, the sound of works, sirens, and factories. It is the sound that manages to infuse life into our small personal metropolis. Great job by the sound team.

Final verdict:

Buildit is not the Simcity game that I wanted to enjoy on mobile, but it is better than I expected when I downloaded it, I have already said that I did not have high hopes with EA at the top. Although it is a simple game and for my taste too casual I have to say that it has something, and I just came back each time to pick up those beams to make I was making and to be able to turn that little house into a skyscraper worthy of New York.

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